Upset at not being given royalty by, Ken launched The-Ken.Blog which is the only authorised official blog of Ken. It has no branches. It has only sections – and terrible attempts at humour like this pathetic no branches, only sections joke that was just attempted.

The-Ken.Blog has 3 main sections for its readers

  1. Much Ado about Murder – A Novel. The first 5 chapters of this have already been released on the site and are available for readers to enjoy. This is a murder mystery novel where the hero Josh Lohia is arrested for a series of murders of people he was associated closely with. The only person who (partially) believes in his innocence is Detective Mahima – the investigating officer. Follow the thrilling story as Josh scrambles against time and a mysterious unknown entity that has tentacles into everything in order to save himself.
  2. All India Podio – A Series of Podcasts with Leaders of India. Here, The-Ken.Blog interviews a series of super successful managers and enterpreneurs who represent the successful breed of young Indians as they share their secrets. Learn what makes them tick, what they did right and what advice they give to people starting out today.
  3. Investing in India – A series of posts by Ken where he shares his knowledge on how to invest in India. Ken has been a practitioner in different capacities in the Indian financial markets – starting life as a wealth manager with one of the best wealth management teams in India at Kotak, graduating to becoming a fund manager with Kotak International and then running one of India’s best hedge funds at Edelweiss to now being the investments head at Alpha Capital, a private equity firm in Mumbai. In this series of blogs, Ken shares what he does with his own private investments and hopes that he can help some novice investors with their own investments in the Indian market. Most importantly, Ken is convinced that we are headed into the best ever decade for investing in Indian stocks and sincerely hopes that more and more people benefit from this blog and turn into savvy, informed long-term investors in India.