To survive it is often necessary to fight and to fight you have to dirty yourself – George Orwell

 It was late evening by the time Detective Mahima returned. Josh was well rested and his legs too had begun to feel like a few daggers had been taken out. He had regained control of his right leg and his left leg too felt a lot better. He had even managed to drag himself to the bathroom in the corner of the cell and come back unassisted. The madness of the morning, like the pain, seemed to be subsiding gradually. The hum of activity everywhere around the prison seemed to have quietened down after five pm. Josh was  looking forward to getting out of there and returning to his hotel room at the Taj President. And worrying about how he would console Seema – Sameer’s  employee-turned-wife-turned-widow. He had gone out with the two of them together a few times and she had co-ordinated a couple of hires for him when Sameer was down with malaria a few years ago. He hoped she would believe him and accept the clean certificate given by the police. In a country with a corrupt legal system, a clean chit by the police was not always accepted by the families of the victim. But surely, Seema would never have  believed that he had done it. Anyways, it would soon be over. Josh could not wait to go back to Dehradun and allow his mom to fawn over him. He desperately needed the TLC now.

He could hear her footsteps as she walked up in her uniform boots. Josh sat up a little straighter and ran his fingers through his hair. She looked as gorgeous as she did when she had gone. Except the smile. The smile was definitely on vacation right now. In its place was a frown and a stare. Detective Mahima seemed to be looking right through him.

“There’s no LifeLogger app installed on his phone”

Josh could not believe what he was hearing. This didn’t make sense at all. He asked her if she had looked properly and checked the folders.

“I might not know about every app, but I can definitely check apps on a phone. There’s nothing there at all. And you know what else I checked. I also checked the call log and guess what? No calls there from you either. You are making up all of this”

Silence seemed to be the only appropriate response. Josh could not understand how this could have happened. He had been sure that he would be out of here this evening. He had seen Sameer check the app all evening and they had even taken “selfies” of the two of them at the pub. Sameer had even shared that story of how the app had captured a cute woman ahead of him in the Shoppers Stop checkout lane and a short clip of her dictating her name and phone number. He could not have imagined all that since he too had never heard of the LifeLogger app before that day. And he had certainly been too drunk to have uninstalled the app and backed up and deleted the images between when he had dropped off Josh and when he had got killed a little later. Josh knew now that all of this was not a series of accidents or unlucky coincidences. Clearly, there was a hidden hand that was orchestrating the whole act. The realization hit Josh like a bucket of cold water hits a sleeping man. He was suddenly alert, sharp and combative. And for the first time in a very long while, he felt alive.

“When did the others happen ?” Josh needed Detective Mahima to believe him.

“What others ?”

“The other murders. You said there were 5. I already explained August 3rd, 2013 and yesterday night. And you still have no reason to clear me based on these three murders at least. Which means I better have some way to clear my name on the other two or I won’t even have you on my side.

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Curious about how Josh will manage to get out of this tricky situation. Think the Lifelogger app is really cool. Click here to buy the full book today itself.

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