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All India Podio begins with a super interesting (and glamorous) interview with Manishi Sanwal, MD of DFS India (LinkedIn Profile) and one of the most important men in the Indian luxury industry. He has previously been the head of Tag Heuer for China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan and is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad. Amazingly, Manishi is the son of a teacher in the small town of Kotdwar in Uttaranchal (then Uttar Pradesh) for whom sneakers were a luxury in his school days. To go from there to being one of India’s leading luxury marketeers is a story we could all learn something from. Here it is in his own words.

All India Podio 1.1: How did you go from being a bright kid in Kotdwar to becoming the Managing Director of DFS India. Share your story with our listeners

All India Podio 1.2: What advice do you have for young people in India today ? Say our kids or employees and youngsters who ask you for ‘gyan’ on what they should do.

All India Podio 1.3: What is it like to work with Shah Rukh Khan ?  Given that you have a professional relationship with him for over 15 years now. Tell us about the Badshah of Bollywood and add a sprinkling of glamour to our podcast 🙂

That’s all for the inaugural edition of All India Podio. It’s a wrap.

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